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  • Who can join IFA? IFA members must be professional, full-service retail florists. Members must be able to fill and deliver floral products in their own service areas using their own products and design and delivery personnel. IFA members will not be required to purchase computer systems, mandatory Web sites, expensive containers, or any other unwanted products or services. IFA shops must guarantee that orders are filled with products equal in value to 100% of the gross order amount, less delivery. IFA members agree to charge the same amount for delivery fees on incoming FD orders as they do on locally-generated orders and not to artificially inflate delivery charges to effectively reduce the product component of the order price. IFA members agree to send only those orders that would be considered reasonable and acceptable for their own shops to fill at the gross order price, order description, and delivery terms being transmitted to the filling florist. Members can request to be listed as a filling florist in any number of cities in the IFA directory, but they must be able to provide same-day delivery of orders received by 1:00PM local time.

    IFA Dues. For IFA members who are not subscribers of FASnet, IFA dues are $20 a month. FASnet users' IFA dues are included in their FASnet membership fee. Your initial application fee of $40 (assessed only if you are approved as a member) includes an IFA Selection Guide, your IFA Web account username and password, and the first two months' membership dues. IFA doesn't begin billing monthly dues until the end of the month following the distribution of the directory in which you first appear.

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