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    Shop-Your-Local-Florist Consumer Education

    The sample ad below can be provided to your local newspaper or printing company for reproduction. The message the ad is designed to communicate is that the consumer is going to receive his flowers from his local florist even when he calls an 800 number order gatherer or visits an Internet site. The ad points out that the consumer will get the same flowers and save money by calling his local florist directly. You may customize the ad by providing your own photograph, prices, and shop information. You may also alter the wording of the ad as appropriate.
    Another possible message could be:
    "When you call an 800 number or visit an Internet site to buy flowers, those companies simply turn around and call your local florist to get the flowers delivered. However, they charge you as much as $7-$10 for making that call for you, and your local florist normally receives only about 60% of the total price you paid. Get the most of your floral gift by calling your local florist directly."

    Print Same Arrangement. Different Price? - PDF     (pdf)

    You must have Acrobat Reader on your PC to download and print the order form. Click here to download Acrobat Reader. Download could take several minutes.


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